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Coronovirus Doctor's Diaries: stories from the NHS frontline

Adapted from the award-winning BBC series The NHS Frontline and Coronavirus Doctors Diaries

This is a remarkable story of life and death, science and humanity, told from the heart of one of the busiest hospitals in the country. It follows the arc of the biggest infectious outbreak from the fear and uncertainty as the virus tracks across the world towards a city at the greatest risk of harm. It tells the stories of the frontline staff with incredible honesty and openness, capturing the devastating and rapidly changing impact of the virus on patients as they struggle to breathe and fight for their lives.

This diary is packed with tales of love and loss, from the couple who fell in love as teenagers who were now battling covid-19 together, through to the young lovers who married on the ward hours before one of them died of the disease. There are medical detective cases, including an investigation to get to the bottom of the strange case of the choir that coughed. Strong characters and bonds emerge as we pull together and tales of courage and commitment abound.

The pandemic brought countless stories of human tragedy and hope. This is an attempt through the experiences in one hospital, in one city, to tell some of them. It is a Shakespearian tale with a cast of hundreds, everyone with their own deeply personal tale to tell. Above all, it is a unique social and medical history of triumph in the case of adversity.

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Ebola Diaries: six weeks to save the world

From the acclaimed BBC series

Take a front-row seat for one of the greatest health emergencies in modern times. A fascinating account of setting up an Ebola Treatment Centre in rural Sierra Leone during the terrifying peak of the Ebola epidemic. These insightful frontline record share the hopes, fears and frustrations as local and international staff race against time to save lives.

The diaries provide a unique record of the Ebola epidemic in 2014/15, from preparatory army training through to working on the red zone in the eye of the storm. One year later John returns to assess the long term impact of the epidemic on local communities.

A remarkable foretaste of the lessons that would be painfully learnt during the Covid19 pandemic.

Magic and Medicine

Magic, murder and mayhem - candid and entertaining tales of a young British doctor working in a rural African mission hospital. The life and death events of hectic hospital  life are mingled with the cultural contrasts of vibrant African society and laced with witty anecdotes.

Frustrated by the loss of the magic in medicine in the UK, John goes in search of African healing. Thrown in at the deep end he navigates his way through an obstacle course of civil war, national disasters, epidemics and drought. Along the way he encounters missionaries, misfits and witchdoctors and learns the art of medicine at its most pure.

A warm and witty tale of self-discovery. Essential reading for anyone interested in international health.

Many of the health problems in the developing world can be tackled or prevented through public health measures such as essential health care, improved living conditions, water, sanitation, nutrition, immunization, and the adoption of healthy lifestyles. Public Health is an action guide to improving public/community health, with a particular focus on low-middle income countries. It explains public health approaches to developing effective health services and preventive programmes. This second edition has been thoroughly updated and new chapters added on health policy, implementation, communicable and non communicable disease, quality and patient safety. 

Clinical governance is a system through which NHS organisations are accountable for continuously improving the quality of their services and safeguarding high standards of care by creating an environment in which excellence in clinical care will flourish. It is at the heart of the current government's plans for reform of the NHS. This account of clinical governance is in particular aimed at giving a practical guide to doctors and medical students as to how the topic is integrated into their day to day medical work. It aims to relate what sounds an abstract concept to the practice of clinical medicine.

"This book is an important and timely work which deserves to be widely read." - Sir Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health

This is a practical introduction to understanding and undertaking health needs assessment, a key issue in primary care. The different assessment methods, including surveys and patient views, are given a straightforward analysis and there is invaluable advice on how to measure their effectiveness.